Introducing the VR Bucket™

*April Fools! Sadly.*

If, like us, you can’t get enough of awesome virtual reality games, but you suffer from horrible motion sickness, fret not. BeefJack came up with the very first dedicated VR Bucket™, so that being sick does not have to interrupt your exciting gameplay experience. According to our research and early tests, it could extend your gameplay by a whole hour before the motion (and the smell) become too much to bear – although recovery times may be extended, too.

The VR Bucket™ will hit retail stores in 2017 (when we’ve predicted VR will be mainstream enough that 60% of players will need an accompanying bucket.) Have a look at our concept below:


*will come in different colours and prints, for the particularly stylish gamers.

In the meantime, some game developers have found ways to neutralise the motion sickness directly in-game, like Bolvërk Games for Kittypocalypse.