BeefJack Named “Champions” of StartUp Games 2012

The story of how a small east London start-up games studio took the competition by storm in Tech City.

LONDON, SEPTEMBER 2012 – BeefJack, a video games company based in east London, recently enjoyed great success at competition run by StartUp UK in London’s Tech City in tandem with the London 2012 Paralympic Games, beating out hundreds of competitors.

Over 400 businesses applied, with 170 qualifying for the finals. Over three days these competitors went head-to-head in various challenges that tested their business know-how and the value of their companies. At the end, 20 businesses were crowned “Champions” – and BeefJack was one of them.

“Being crowned a champion of Start-Up Games is a fantastic achievement. It’s really helped boost awareness of our brand, and it’s nice to have some recognition for the hard efforts the team has gone through in the last couple of months,” said Shaun Leach, Managing Director of BeefJack.

Each competitor’s success was measured by the value added to their imaginary share price. Entrepreneurs also had the option to ‘invest’ in competitors they wanted to see succeed. BeefJack’s share price at ‘close of business’ on the final day of competition was a whopping £365,000!

About BeefJack

BeefJack is a web and mobile games company based in east London, currently specialising in branded ‘advergames’. Engaging audiences for up to ten times longer than traditional advertising methods, advergames are powerful tools for communicating brand values and promoting products – evoking thoughts, feelings and emotions through gameplay mechanics and aesthetic design.

With decades of combined industry experience, we understand that the most engaging, memorable games are heavily design-focused and carefully nuanced. We make games that are expertly tailored to appeal to specific target audiences, and which are above all fun to play.

BeefJack also runs a successful online magazine, web games portal and social network for gamers.

You can contact BeefJack at:
Phone: +44 (0)20 7502 6704